Freitag, 30. September 2016

Die Zukunft gehört uns

History Has Been Made, The Future is Ours

Gary Larrabee preist den endgültigen Niedergang des Fed-Dollars und die Geburt des neuen Finanzsystems am 1. Oktober 12.00 Uhr EDT.

URGENT: History Has Been Made, The Future is Ours

Mark it down, on this day the USA, Inc/Federal Reserve Bank's fiat United States Dollar (USD) finally died, and the Republic's new United States Note (USN) was born.

The gold-backed Chinese Yuan/Renminbi was born internationally (technically October 1 in Asia at noon EDT).

And the European Banking Cabal public surrendered the global financial system.

No celebrations. No parades. No recognition. But WW3 officially now has ended.

God is Great!

On this day, starting at 5:00am EDT in the Line Islands somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, humanity has legally, morally and monetarily been set free for a 1,000 years of light.

Heaven is earth once again!

All praise and glory to Akua!