Samstag, 15. August 2015

Gesuch an die GF - englisch

Liebe Freunde,

unser Gesuch an die GF hat mittlerweile die internationale Ebene erreicht und wird momentan weiter verbreitet.

Großer Dank an alle Aktiven, die dies möglich gemacht haben und weiterhin tun.

Wer sich hier mit einbringen möchte, kann die nachfolgende englische Version an englischsprachige Empfänger, Websites, Blogs und natürlich an PAO / Sheldan Nidle senden.

E-Mail an PAO / Sheldan Nidle:

In der Hoffnung, uns nun demnächst auf einer neuen, erfüllenden Ebene persönlich kennenlernen und zusammenschließen zu können



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Formal Petition
to the Galactic Federation of Light

First hour star activists (those, who are working for ascension since 20 years and more) herewith are handing on this  formal petition to the ambassador of the Galactic Federation, Sheldan Nidle, with the request to pass it on to the family of the stars – and to convey their official reply to us. Their reply, we then want to announce internationally.

We, the star activists, from the bottom our four hearts are asking the Galactic Federation of Light to allow to us the right of co-management regarding the changes for OUR planet and OUR society.

The following four issues are components of our petition:

1. After decades-long delays, we now ask for a possibility of co-management regarding vital decisions. What happens on this world is of concern for ALL OF US!

We increasingly disagree with the policy of the “earth allies” and don’t want any longer to experience the situation that only one group of reformers alone and secretly decide on the destiny of humanity and planet Earth.

The changes are of concern for ALL OF US!

The star activists, and in general every lightworkers, who sincerely and completely are ready, now should get the possibility of direct physical contact with representatives of the GF – and of being allowed to work more closely together with the GF.

Additionally should be allowed to them the participation on meetings between GF and earth allies, where fundamental decisions are made.

Those star acitivists should be representing the entirety of all lightworkers, – including those who don’t deem themselves to be able to have contact –, and should be conveying reports.

In addition, they should represent the interests of the population and of distressed Gaia and her nature realms.

The activists should not participate in conferences where distinct strategies are discussed in detail, but only attend to meetings where fundamental decisions are met, e.g. wether the help of the Galactic Federation should be more accepted now, – wether the should be a more open coverage for the population – and which of the other goals should be followed now (protection of the environment, clean and healthy food, elimination of chemtrails, – and so on).

3. We need direct physical persons contact (POC) within the GFwho are willing to give us clear and essential information and to answer our questions. The present state, where there is so much lack of clarity and were there exist so many different “factions” between the lightworkers who each of them heard – and believes – something different, this weakens us enormously.

We finally need to have KNOWLEDGE – for being able to co-operate.

Presently, there are many who use to receive telepathic messages – but we all know that there is nobody who could state exactly how much of those messages may arise from the own sub-consciousness. This is the critical issue – and therefore we finally need clarity through direct physical contacts, meetings, trainings. 

4. It is essential, that those global activists, attending those meetings, are going to interlock more closely with each other and to establish lightworker-councils for being able to be a force capable of acting, who is representing this humanity as well as Gaia to the GF during this time of changes, and is leading the way of social reforming as well as taking part in government business after the start of the new governance.

Those councils then already are the first precursors of the new Galactic Society, based on councils and larger communities.

It is our urgent desire to end as far as possible these temporary, most inadequate and counterproductive circumstances within our ranks. And there should not be as well any privileges for only a few of humans any more. EVERYONE who – from sincere heart – wants to KNOW, should be given clear and direct information and be getting the opportunity to add her/his vote – as is usual in a Galactic Society.

Also WE ARE Earth Allies!
WE ARE star seeds and WE ARE the guardians of Gaia, and we want to have a FAIR Right of Co-Management, a clear KNOWLEDGE through direct physical contact NOW – and, basing on that the possibility to establish our global lightworker councils.

We urgently ask the Galactic Federation to open the gateway and to make possible for all of us the access to new, FAIR, joyful und successful ways!

Love and Light

The “First Hour Star Activists”.